Cherish Dinner Time

Dinner Time....
There's something about that hour after cooking and setting the table to sitting with my family around the kitchen table. The laughter and stories and even the "Dylan, Eat" which is a common phase you'll hear if you were set a place at our table. To my left I see bright, intelligent, oh-so-handsome 8 year old son Dylan, that does more talking and sometimes complaining about something on his plate then actual eating. He is usually the last to finish. He shares school activities he endeavors daily and which girl likes him at school. Across from me at my square glass table, which by no fault of my own, YES we own a glass table. It's almost never clean and is our next item on our REPLACE list. Anyhow, you'll see Justin, my wonderful soon to be husband. He is a hard worker, strong, caring, amazing man. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is my backbone in life. He is probably telling me how delicious the meal is and cracking a joke at us or laughing. His personality is what attracted me to him first, but it doesn't hurt that he is very easy on the eyes in the looks department. I'm one lucky girl. To my right you'll either see our newest addition Garrett, now almost 7 months whose presence at the table happens more and more now, or an empty chair bc he's sleeping. He is normally cooing or raspberry-ing , laughing, spitting out those green veggies he doesn't like or scarfing down whatever I put his way. BOY CAN HE EAT! This is the moment each day I sit back and think, wow, I am so lucky. This family is all mine. It's so easy to crowd around a tv with dinner plates these days that you forget how important dinner time actually is. Around the dinner table, in that moment every day, I'm reminded how lucky I am.

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