- About Me -

Working Son Up to Son Down

Hi! I'm Jessica – Saucy Mom blogger extraordinaire. I’m located in Union, MO – about 50 miles outside of St. Louis County in a small town. Born and Raised in the City, I have learned to adjust to living in this atmosphere and enjoying more of the little and simplest things in life. I am an Career Woman by day, and a blogger/home chef by night. I'm a Mommy of two wonderful little boys. I’m constantly juggling my career and home life. Between both of those “jobs”, and making every second with my family count, there is not a lot time for hobbies. I'm a coupon fanatic, Mommy, Housewife, girly girl and accidental country girl. I enjoy a good cup of Joe over a beer any day and my family over night life. You won't catch me in a drive thru too often because after a long day at work and 2 to 3 hours of commuting each day, I'm in the kitchen cooking which is one of my passions. My family is my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love cooking. It’s one of my passions in life. I really wonder if I pursued the wrong career all together. I actually enjoy it, and wanted to show working mothers and fathers how simple cooking actually is and how important it is to share the love of food with your family. So after “talk” of creating a blog, I did it. It’s solely to share my love for cooking with delicious recipes, cooking tips, notes, silly stories, and family stuff. And of course to convince all of you cook for your family, and buy take out less.
Life is as easy and as complicated as you allow it. I'm just mixing my way to the top!