Sunday, November 6, 2011

Campfire Chicken

As a child I was a girl scout and my mom was our troop leader. We used to make this delicious dish in foil packs on a open flame fire pit at camp. I crave this every now and again, especially in the colder months. So after some tweaking, I have mastered this recipe in my Dutch oven.

Serves 4

4 Split Chicken Breast, Bone-In
1 large onion
4 tomatoes
Red or Gold Potatoes
Baby carrots
Frozen mini corn on the cob
1-2 Red, orange or yellow peppers (I pick red About 99.9% of the time)
White pepper
Garlic Cloves
Garlic Pepper

Preheat oven to 300 degrees

First, make sure to spray or rub down with EVOO your Dutch oven. You don't want veggies or chicken to stick to pan.

Prepping veggies:
Cut tomatoes in halves or quarters. Potatoes in half depending on size.
Carrots and Corn are ready to go.
Onion cut in half and then in quarters.
Add all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and add EVOO, and spices and mix well.

Rinse chicken with water and pat dry. Rub spice ingredients on chicken and place in Dutch oven.

Add veggies and garlic gloves. Honestly, add as little or a lot of whole cloves as you like. I'm a garlic fanatic so I add about 4-6 to the pot.

Place lid on and place in oven.

Now, this will need to cook for 2 1/1- 3 hours, depending on your oven. Test your veggies to make sure they are cooked before removing. I like to use a turkey baster and baste the ingredients half way through. The amount of juices the chicken releases is ridiculous!

Bon appetit!

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