Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thats a wrap!

Whoa! What a day! I hope your Thanksgiving was extra special and as fab as mine was! The weather was AMAZING, sunny and 68 degrees!
Well, it all started with a early wake up call @ 5:30AM thanks to me forgetting my own alarm clock was still on... Thanks to my amazing fiancé for rescuing me from early morning baby and letting me sleep a tad longer. My day was filled with laughter, whining, barking and complaining. Which is pretty typical. Although the "I love yous" were extra special today!
After my favorite cup of joe, I was up and ready to prepare my Thanksgiving feast. Turkey was thawed, and ready to rub and get in the oven. I made our dessert first - Apple Pie with Apple Crumble Cinnamon topping and lets just say the aroma made me want a slice right then @ 9:30am!
Next came the turkey... In the oven and ready to roast! Yummy!
I made some apps for snacking midday. Left over buffalo chicken dip warmed up nicely!
I made homemade smashed creamy mashed potatoes, and I would lie if I didn't admit I complained the WHOLE
TIME I peeled potatoes. Garrett watched in amazement while I peeled, sliced and was the first to try them (per-spiced of course) and loved them!
Made the White Castle stuffing and it was AWESOME! I added garlic to mine and heated butter, about 1/2 a stick of salted butter, in my Dutch oven and let it get crispy and then simmer. Dylan loved it! Gravy was superb, rolls were sweet and all and all I did a great job I think!
I was the last to get out of my PJ's, and first to put them back on. It was fantastic.
Even Zed, our four legged family member, enjoyed his dinner with turkey and drippings. Pretty sure he licked his dish clean and was carrying it around hoping for seconds.
Now it's snuggle time and a movie! Only thing missing is a fire... Just isn't cold enough tonight.
Season's Greetings to all!

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