Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What I am thankful for...

Okay so many of us are wrapping up our menus and cooking plans, scheduling whose house we go to first, where were eating or what we are prepping the night before, or what pizza places are open - the next 24 hours is going to be a crazy one.

Each year I go to my parents to celebrate. Like I posted earlier this month, we follow traditions I REALLY look forward to each year! Yummy foods, great wine and lots of laughter.

Well this year is a first to mark on my family's calendar. My family and I are staying HOME this year. WHAT??? I know your mouth dropped reading this as you think of how crazy the day is going to be for you. Well my folks and a few others packed up the car and headed to visit my Grandparents this year.

What's my plans then?? Thought you never ask.
I'm sleeping in, I'm not getting out of my pajamas but I promised Dylan I'd at least brush my teeth, you know so my breath don't stank!
What's on my menu?? The past week or so I dreamed of steak and crab legs and maybe shrimp cocktail to tie things together. Yum right?! Well then here comes good ole' holiday guilt trip from yours truly saying "Embrace this". So I plan to roast my turkey the good old' fashion way, smash up some delicious potatoes, make white castle stuffing, open up a can of that jelled-like can shape cranberry sauce that I still favor Over homemade and dip my fork in a baked apple pie. And last but not least, drink plenty of wine!
SO.... This year I am most thankful for a PJ THANKSGIVING - our VERY first Thanksgiving in our new home. One to remember.

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