Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seriously Cool Ice Cube Tricks

PUMP UP THE VOLUME when serving cocktails at your cocktail party, family gathering and of just for fun!

Freeze food coloring water into cubes in all colors of the rainbow.

BIGGER CUBES! DUH these take longer to melt so hard drinks won't dilute quickly. You could use mini tupperware containers, applesauce single serving containers, yogurt cups, baby food containers etc.

Ice can add flavor of course! Freeze coconut water or juices and the taste will emerge as the ice melts. Bloody Mary fan? Freeze bitters and Water for the ultimate cube!

Toss whole berries, citrus zest, or lefty herbs into trays before freezing. The edible tidbits will release in your drink as you sip. Think mint herb in your ice as you sip Mojitos!

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