Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Garlic Parm Green Beans

So who's a fan out there of green beans?? ME! ME! But when I discovered a few years ago that Justin's love for vegetables, or lack there was, didn't match with mine I just knew I had to make them so he'd eat them! So here goes my delicious green beans that never seem to have leftovers...

1 bag of frozen WHOLE green beans
Fresh minced garlic, 2 lrg cloves
garlic or black pepper
Parmesan cheese

First things first - grab your deep frying pan and put about 4 turns of the pan on EVOO over med heat.
Mince garlic. Add to hot oil and stir frequently until garlic is golden brown. DO NOT WALK AWAY, it will burn and you will have to start all over again.
Add green beans, salt and pepper to your liking and one more turn of EVOO.

Turn heat to med-low and simmer until nice and hot and ready to eat - about 7 to 10 mins. I always test one to make sure.

Add Parmesan to garnish.

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