Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blue Cheese Spread

I love love love blue cheese! This is a delicious spread I make for hamburgers that we just can't get enough of!

We normally season our burgers with a "secret rub", so sorry you'll have to pick your own spices this time.

Now on with the spread!

1/2 a container of blue cheese crumbles
3-4 big spoonfuls of Dukes Mayo (DO NOT USE MIRACLE WHIP)
4 tbsp of Butter, softened
Garlic or Black Pepper
One clove of FRESH garlic, minced

In mixing bowl combine garlic, butter and mayo. Mix well. Add salt and pepper and blue cheese. Mix well. Now fork it! This releases the deliciousness, promise!

Now WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Slop it right on your burger. I'm a bun-less girl myself, but maybe throw a tomato and piece of lettuce on there.

Bon Appetite!

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