Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hello! It's been 3 crazy months since I last blogged. This summer for our little family was jammed packed with Adventures around town, out of state visitors, and many items scratched from our Summer Bucket list. Many items still on the list as we go through Fall/Winter hoping to scratch everyone off before the End of 2012. As tradition, we collected magnets every place we stopped.

Our youngest member of our family turned 1 in July, and we throw an amazing birthday party for Garrett filled with great food, wonderful friends and family and of course lots Presents (Might I ad, too many for a 1 year old!)

Photos by: Full Circle Photography
A friend of mine made a gorgeous Giraffe Cake just for him and he devoured it.

I was on "Stay-Cation" the week of his birthday so I did what any Busy Mom would do with free-hands - I made the party decorations.

It is so hard to believe he's already one, already walking and talking and making decisions. He is such a sweet little boy, and we are very blessed.

For our oldest boy, Football began late July with camp following 4 practices a week. Our week nights only got busier as we were rushing around trying to figure out the perfect schedule that fits us since 2 hours a evening, 4 nights a week, is a lot for one person in a whole after working 8-10 days and commuting.

Now our Saturday's are gone as well as we travel all around the county to football games - but seeing his smile and excitement when he plays makes all the hours I also put into the sport worth it.

Through the summer months I started slowing feeling aggravated as time wasn't there to enjoy cooking and baking as I liked. Quick Meals started to become common in my home and I quickly stopped it. I starting prepping food ahead of time, and testing recipes to see if they would hold up. To my surprise, some of them did, and some of them didn't.

As Fall approaches, I plan to blog more, start a FOODIE Bucket List, Cook often, and add in some "Me Time". Mommy's job is never done, but no one said it can't be paused for a moment or two.

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